A Lesson in Logistics

A major lesson we learned this summer was to keep store owner satisfaction at the forefront. We had had issues in the past with store owner communication, but this summer were able to roll out a feedback program that suited the needs of the business much better.


We learned how to effectively communicate with our store owners and listen to their needs so that we could tailor our offering to them. Though we do sell products to the general public, Sprout is also a B2B business in that we are selling our program to corner store owners and thus need to recognize and meet their needs.

DSC_0276 (1).jpg

We implemented a weekly store visit to our two locations, where we could talk to the owners face-to-face and address concerns or questions as they arose. This was also a great time to get feedback on how they thought the program was going and how they thought we could improve.

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We learned about identifying who our customers are and how to meet their needs. We also better understood how to manage all the working parts of a business and believe we are well-positioned to continue to expand Sprout to more stores in the future!