Branding - How to Make Sprout Stand Out?

One of the comments we most often hear about Sprout is that our branding is fantastic. We did indeed start out with a great logo and have built our other marketing tools, such as our website, around that original branding. We have tried to give Sprout a distinctly "homey" feel and a trustworthy and likeable look that will appeal to a wide range of customers.

A Facebook page cover photo that we designed.

A Facebook page cover photo that we designed.

Since working on Sprout full-time this summer, we have been able to hire a graphic designer who helped us take our marketing materials and branding to new heights. We revamped our labels and all our store signage to further improve Sprout's shelf appeal.

DSC_0023 (1).jpg

Above is a comparison of our old labels, which did not feature a picture of the recipe, and our new labels, which do.

We also expanded our use of social media, which we used to just use for recipe photos and photos of our team going out in the community. Now we also post facts and recently run a contest where we had green kitchen utensils as the prize.

national dish.png

By improving Sprout's branding, we learned how to effectively improve our business' marketing efforts. Additionally, we found ways to make Sprout products stand out on the shelves, like adding photos to the labels, and have heard positive feedback about the new look.