Launching a Second Store - Safi Fine Foods

One of Sprout's greatest accomplishments this summer was expanding to another community by launching a new store. We tackled a food desert steps away from our offices: Sandy Hill. With a population of around 10,000 and a demographic mix of university students and families, we thought it was the perfect place to expand Sprout.


Safi Fine Foods was a unique case for Sprout, since they already sold produce in their store. Instead of Sprout bringing in produce as we do at our other location, we sell only the Meal Kits to complement their existing selection of produce.

apples CROPPED.jpg

The Safi location is doing extremely well, selling consistently even in the slower summer months. We are hoping that sales will increase further with the arrival of university students once the term starts and have prepared several campaigns targeted at students, as well as a new recipe that will be launching at the start of the term.

The store owner at Safi has also been very helpful. They are always willing to give us advice on  how to improve our business and have given several useful suggestion already. On the Safi store owner's suggestion, we focused our recipes on meals that could be made on the stove top as opposed to in the oven, and we also implemented varying prices on the Meal Kits, where before we had identical pricing across the Meal Kits.

pepper header cropped.jpg

We are optimistic about the Safi Fine Foods location and hope that it will continue to generate sales and success for Sprout!