Sprout Summer Recipes

This summer, we launched two new recipes: Fiesta Rice and Rustic Pasta. On the advice of one of our store owners, we chose to create recipes that could be made on the stove top, as opposed to ones that needed to be baked in the oven and as a result took longer.


For Fiesta Rice, we were inspired by the summer and wanted to make a simple, easy dish that could be prepared for summer parties and gatherings. We received a lot of positive feedback on the recipe (particularly when our team members taste-tested it during our recipe testing process!)

We create all the recipes ourselves and the nutrition facts to go along with them. We follow a set recipe testing process that we developed, which includes many taste-testings (much to the delight of our summer employees) and reviews. After the recipe is approved, we create the nutrition facts, packaging labels, recipe cards and in-store merchandising to go along with the recipe.


To prepare for the Fall season, we launched Rustic Pasta, with its orange packaging that fit with the coming turning of the seasons. Since both our stores are in student neighbourhoods, our next recipe will be catered towards the student population.

Developing recipes was a great lesson in listening to customers and adapting our product to their needs. We took in feedback from customers, as well as our store owners, to develop a lineup of recipes that we believe really fit our customers' needs.